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Aluminium Chip Conveyors

Mag Tools new ALUMINIUM CHIP CONVEYOR CUM DRUM FILTER was developed and performance – proven by Bunri Industries, Ltd., Japan. The ALUMINIUM CHIP CONVEYOR CUM DRUM FILTER offers the machine Tools industry a highly effective method for the difficult task of separating aluminum chips, fines and turnings from flowing coolant. It employs a new and unique concept that incorporates a drag conveyor with Drum (rolling) filters. Numerous advantages include:

  • Removes floating and suspended chips as easily as chips and fines.
  • Self-clearing filter eliminates problems of clogging.
  • Improves part quality by improving coolant quality.
  • Prolongs coolant life.
  • Continues trouble free operation.

The new aluminum chip conveyor cum drum filters is the only conveyor available That can receive flowing coolant loaded with aluminum turnings, capture those Turnings inside, and then allow only clean coolant to exit. It is available for use With a single machine tool, or as part of a central integrated coolant cleaning System.

The Dirty Tank Coolant Inlet is the first area to receive chips, turnings, fines and coolant from the machine tool. There, large chips settle to the bottom where they are removed by a drag Conveyor. All coolant must then pass through a series of drum filters. There A SS Drum screen, scraped, captures smaller chips and lighter weight chips Away by a scraping plate or flushed by back wash arrangement and then remove A by the drag conveyor. The separated coolant exits through the inside of the Drum filter to a clean coolant exit.

The separated coolant can be now either pumped back to the machine tool, or Pumped through another filtration system for secondary cleaning. (Mag Tool’s HCF Filter compliments the Aluminum Chip Conveyor by providing secondary Coolant filtration. It filters coolant clean up to 25 microns.)

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